AlphaWin 5.1

Best utility for taskbar transparency. Translucent taskbar with fade-in and fade-out effects, trans
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AlphaWin is most eficient utility for management of windows and taskbar transparency, windows visibility etc.
Translucent taskbar with fade-in and fade-out effects, transparent captions to desktop icons, transparency for any opened window and minimizing any opened window to tray icon or popup menu.

Using of AlphaWin is easy for beginner and experienced users:

All functions are automatically or avialable by mouse click. Also there are 4 hot-keys for main functions. If you want, you can change default hot-keys.

It have optimal number of options:

You can set any level of transparency for hidden taskbar, active taskbar (when mouse cursor over taskbar) and windows. Fade-in and fade-out time is may change from 0.5 to 2 seconds. Also you can change default hot-keys. Tuning of AlphaWin is quick and easy for all.

AlphaWin help you to decorate your destktop and make your work more comfortable and easy!!!

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